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…we watched the Earth burning, and as it burnt we burnt you too.

Month: February, 2012

Grass Is Greener?

Being a Mac user, sometimes I wonder if the grass is greener on the other side 😉

Click photo to enlarge.


Irish Tram, Not So Irish Sky

I had to take a photo of the remarkable sky today, being totally uncharacteristically unclouded for an Irish February! Sitting beneath the ocean of blue is the LUAS, the tram system that operates around Dublin. Click photo to enlarge.

The Countess

First woman elected to the House of Commons, and the first woman ever to hold a cabinet position. On top of that she was a scrapper, and was involved in the 1916 Irish Rising. You can find her gazing over St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin, the position she held during the Rising. If you wanna’ know more about her check out her Wiki.

South Anne Street and St. Anne’s Church

South Anne Street is a busy little lane caught between Dublin’s Grafton and Dawson Streets. To sum up the street, burger joints to the left, expensive outfitters to the right. It’s not recommended you frequent both at once. Click on the photo to view full size.